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Have you ever wanted to play Nuclear Throne but as a character from a British Pre-Schooler show?



well too bad, It's here anyways.

This is Sarah from the TV show, Sarah and Duck! A near full character- only missing a B skin. 

 She comes with an Active is that she Summons A duck friend. Your duck friends work much like Rebels allies but they do NOT bleed out, they die naturally of damage. It's quite strong.

  • Throne Butt gives your birds a buff and allows you to spawn 2.

Sarah's passive is that HP kits heal for 1 more for a total of 3HP 

  • Second Stomach does boost it to 4HP.

Sarah's ULTRA A is Pond Princess, raising the Ducks damage, Fire rate and allowing 1 extra duck- allowing a total of 3. You NEED Throne Butt to have 3, without it you only have two!

Sarah's ULTRA B is Sour Protection, Granting damage immunity for the first 14 seconds of a level- Run in, Drop the birds, run out, Profit.

All art has been made by me, If you like to see more follow me over on Tumblr, http://nuclear-lalafell.tumblr.com/


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Hey Lalafell, just wanted to let you know that the ducks don't seem to follow the player. I don't know if you can fix this, but it'd help a lot.

Also I know this is just a shitpost character but she's cute and fun to play as. I'm a big fan of rebel and she plays fairly similarly, so she's easy for me to pick up.

well really she's not a shitpost character, and as far as I'm aware duck just uses the same ai as rebels allies- I am glad you do like this character though! 

I haven't been into NT and modding for quite some time and I dunno if what you mentioned is a bug or just NTs wonky ai.

I appreciate the compliment though 💙

I use Rebel pretty much all the time and can compare the two pretty well. I've definitely had issues with Sarah's ducks not following properly. Idk why since I'm not a very experienced programmer by any definition, but Rebel's allies seem to follow fine even though Sarah's just kind of wander. If you do look into it, I'd appreciate it, but I understand if you don't plan on picking it back up.

tbh I wouldnt even know how to change it :p 

My mods are cobbled together so poorly it's impressive they run decently enough. I'm sorry I can't help much ^^;;


HI, lalafell. I like your NTT mods, can do you make Josuke from "JoJo Bizarre adventure" in Nuclear Throne. I will be very grateful.

Thank you in advance

hey hey, im glad you like em!! <3 I think someone in the NTT server was making that character already :p